In March 2014, 4 ladies began a training program to learn computers as well as to gain empowerment.

This program is based on four levels of training, supplied through a combination of video training, on-site instructor led training and remote mentoring via Skype.

Teamwork and technology provide knowledge, and knowledge is power to the rural woman.

The ladies also participate in programming and security classes taught in America by using Skype calls. This level of connection stirs amazing positive reactions from all involved.

Smartstainable Services

After completing Level 2, The Smartstainable ladies are skilled to perform a variety of services for organizations and companies.

The ladies provide services to US companies helping them track Internet retail prices.

Tom guided the ladies through the development of a mobile app that helped support Ebola survivors and orphans in Liberia. Another step towards financial empowerment.

The training is enhanced with the addition of using Pluralsight. We hope to offer programming services by Q3, 2017.

Each lady is taught SQL databases after they learn Spreadsheets and Word.

Smartstainable mentoring

The Smartstainable ladies are now training and mentoring new classes of Smartstainable students.

Once the ladies graduate to the next level, they are required to mentor previous level students. The ladies love to help and mentor others. Another great path to empowerment.

The ladies are leading the training and mentoring efforts for the hospital staff in Gombe. They show the true power of empowerment.

"Great things happen when someone upgrades his/her education. Since I joined this training almost everything in my life changed. I can now talk to different people in different countries via Skype. "

"Learning programming is a great opportunity for a rural woman in Uganda. Imagine Tom and Susan had not been there for me where was this chance. I'm now in a modern world surrounded by computers and internet that I dreamed of. Many thanks to my mentors. "

Smartstainable Liberia

"Being an Ebola survivor was my major fear. I never thought I could learn computer skills or other capacity building training base on the stigmatization of Ebola. Today I am one of the Beneficiaries of this training."



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